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Question 2

How do you motivate yourself knowing that there's a top team in France that dominate this championship so very strongly?  Is there any motivation in playing for only third place?  What do you think about the French championship (games, skills, fans, etc... )?  What do you think about the competition between La Rochette (3rd)and Villebon (2nd) and do you enjoy this kind of competition between these two closely located towns?


Janis says...

It's easy to motivate myself even when a team like Cannes is so much stronger than the others, and when La Rochette's goal was to finish third place, because I like to play against odds.  The fact that I could be a part of this challenge to finish better than third and maybe even beat Cannes for the first time this year, motivates me to train harder, in hopes of reaching my potential and helping my teammates reach theirs.  Every match we played gave us a chance to get better and prepared us for our biggest challenge of the championship.  Every time we played against Villebon, the second place team, we had to overcome the mental block that exists for La Rochette from  years of losing to them.  To beat Villebon, our game had to be flawless.  We had to make fewer errors while challenging their consistent defence and strong attack.  We learned that every team can be beaten when we finally managed to challenge them enough to beat them (one time only this year).  If it were easy, our satisfaction with that victory wouldn't have been so great.  
Although it is hard to motivate oneself to play for third place when the team has already finished third for the past two years, there is a challenge in being as strong as the previous team, especially when many players have come and gone.  We found satisfaction in the last match of the season when first and second place were already out of reach.  We won the third-fourth place match, our last match of the season, for third.  
The French Championship?
I believe that every volleyball championship must first try to achieve the best of itself before its quality can be compared to other countries.  Its quality is based on the level of play of its players and coaches (both native and foreign), the federation and how it reinforces its rules, and the organization of all of these components.